Die Pepe originally came about as nothing more than a humorous idea to poke fun at all the useless "Pepe" that have recently flooded the market and offer no intrinsic value, utility, or purpose, other than to make a few bucks from a meme none of them created. We then decided to go full steam ahead with it and not just poke fun but to literally steamroll all of them out of existence, or put simply, to kill Pepe.
Built on the BNB Chain to provide cheap transactions within the ecosystem, and to include other fantastic chains such as Polygon, Avalanche, and of course Ethereum because people will still want it for some reason...
We are a small team, however we are actually prominent names in the blockchain space and have all worked on multiple projects in the past and we want to keep it that way. No politics, no division of thoughts, and no BS within the ranks. Although we are relatively small, we make a fantastic team with many years of experience between us in the blockchain space specializing in different areas and we complement each other perfectly. Now then, let's get on with ending that damn frog!
Last modified 8mo ago